Soulfly Unveils New Album Title, Plan August Release


Soulfly frontman/guitarist Max Cavalera was interviewed recently by and during the chat revealed that the bands tenth studio album has been titled “Archangel“. An August release date on Nuclear Blast is in the works for the outing, with Cavalera finishing up the vocals and mixing and artwork still pending. He said of the effort:

“It’s an interesting record. It’s very epic, mystic kind of Soulfly record that we don’t really do every day. It’s one of those that come out once in a lifetime, an album like that comes out — really crazy sounds and very different dimensions. It’s more experimental than the other stuff. It’s still heavy as hell, and it’s still fast. And Zyon‘s playing drums on it. He’s actually playing really good. He reminds me of a young Dave Lombardo. The fills that he’s doing… really amazing; he surprised everybody in the studio. Matt Hyde is producing; he worked with Slayer before. So it’s really cool; a really good team.”

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