Baroness In The Studio For Their “Rockin’, Uptempo” New Album, Valkyrie Debut “Golden Age”


A new Baroness album is only a few weeks away from being finished according to guitarist Pete Adams. Speaking recently with Noisey, Adams said of the progress:

“We’re actually in the studio right now. We are probably three weeks into getting this new record near its completion. And it’s going really well.”

When asked of the direction of it, he offered:

“Well, I will say this: Not to give too much away, but this record, it’s a rocker. We definitely did a lot of experimenting with “Yellow and Green“, and a lot of ideas that we wanted to just get out. We were on a writing streak that year, so we just absolutely were cranking out songs. We have a new rhythm section now, and it’s the first time we’ve written with the new rhythm section. So we had a little bit of a hump to get over. And once we did everyone was super excited. It’s a rockin’, uptempo record. I’m excited about it. We’re all pretty stoked.”

You’ll soon be able to hear more of Adams‘ playing on the new Valkyrie album “Shadows“, out May 19th on Relapse. Pete and his brother Jake both play in that outfit and recently debuted the following stream of “Golden Age” from that through Noisey.

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