Clutch’s Neil Fallon Says New Album Is “Faster” With “A Lot Of Hooks”


Clutch frontman Neil Fallon gave Pollstar a lengthy interview that covers a lot of topics ranging from parenthood and piracy to surviving various major labels and more. The bands forthcoming new album that is tentatively due in September was also mentioned in the conversation, here’s what he had to say of it:

“There’s nothing out of the ordinary of the Clutch canon. I think these songs were written so soon after Earth Rocker that they have a lot in common. It’s a faster record. It think it shares a bit of the sense of humor, lyrically, with Earth Rocker. There are a lot of hooks on this record. It’s hard for me to comment because I’m still in the middle of it, still listening to mixes and stuff. I think it’s another offering of our sincerest rock emotion.”

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Clutch have steadily been reissuing various albums from their back catalogue over the past few years via their own Weathermaker Music label as well, though their have been some glaring omissions. As Fallon revealed, the reason for that is they don’t own the masters to their first four albums:

“We own some, pretty much everything from Jam Room which would have been the year 2000 onward. But the first four records, we do not.”

When asked if the band hopes to one day regain the rights to those recordings, he replied:

“I hope so. I remember signing that first contract and I think I saw the term “25 years” and thought, “Oh, well I’ll be dead. What does it matter?” Suddenly, it’s been 25 years. So we’d love to do that. But we’re also just as much interested in putting out our new material.”

Next week will see ‘The Missing Link Tour‘ begin, with Clutch and Mastodon co-headlining. Big Business and Graveyard will open on select legs of that trek.