Warbringer Banned From House Of Blues Show By Disney


Like many metal, etc. acts before them, Warbringer have been slapped with a ban from playing Disney owned House Of Blues venues. Frontman John Kevill stated:

“So a special announcement from the folks at Disney Inc,
Warbringer has been banned from the show with Meshuggah on April 13th at the House of Blues Anaheim.
The show will proceed but we won’t be on it. Our band name/image/lyrical content are somehow objectionable to proper Disney image and family values. We are not told of specifically why.
We will still appear the following day at the San Diego House of Blues as Disney has nothing to do with that one.

As the person who wrote all our lyrics, I’m not sure how anything I’ve written is worse than:
-the goose-stepping Nazi hyenas from Scar’s song in the lion king
-the racist crows in Dumbo
-Bambi in general (“Mom! Nooo!)

Remember everyone, censorship blows. Hope to see you guys’ support at the Whisky April 30th.

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