Ex-For Today Guitarist Mike Reynolds Alleges Vocalist Mattie Montgomery Is In A Cult


Ex-For Today guitarist Mike Reynolds has penned a piece via his official website, In it he questions whether or not his former bandmate, For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery, is involved in a cult. An excerpt from the piece can be read below with the full read available at the link mentioned above.

“I am writing this for two reasons. First, because I served side-by-side with Mattie for 6 years I feel the responsibility to call him to alter his current trajectory and to re-align himself with Biblical truth. Second, because I care about young men and women who would seek to align themselves with Mattie and fall into a spiritually abusive situation.

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I want to see both Mattie and those under his influence succeed in pure and simple devotion to Christ.

I spent 8-10 months/year in a van or bus with Mattie from late in 2007 (when he first joined) to early 2013 (when I left the band). I was a groomsman in his wedding and we shared business and ministry together longer than I’ve shared it with anyone else. I’ve been to his church, I’ve met those he respects as leaders in his life, and I believe I have a unique perspective that may offer health to those under his influence.

Taking on any of these issues publicly began in early in 2014. That year, AP magazine interviewed Mattie and asked him about his views on gay marriage[1]. He said simply that if he were a law maker he would vote to legalize gay marriage[2]. I responded to his interview to demonstrate that his new view on marriage is a radical departure from the Biblical and historical position[3]. I mention that because it was this interview that first sparked a sense of responsibility for me to contrast what Mattie said with the scriptures.

So, the question–is Mattie in a cult?”

Reynolds was infamously ousted from the band back in 2013 after sharing his opinions on homosexuality.

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