Unlocking The Truth

Unlocking The Truth Seeking To Exit 1.8 Million Dollar Recording Contract With Sony


Unlocking The Truth are seeking to exit their 1.8 million dollar recording contract with Sony. Band guitarist/singer Malcolm Brickhouse revealed the news at the March 14th screening of their “Breaking A Monster” documentary, stating that the band are seeking to sever ties with Sony due to “complications.”

Drummer/vocalist Jared Dawkins told Buzzfeed:

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“Our attorneys are in the process of us exiting the label”

When pressed for further details, he offered:

“We can’t discuss the complications. But complications — that’s what I can tell you.”

While an exorbitant sum, the contract—as most do—required some hefty sales figures to be met for the band to actually obtain the full amount of the agreed upon deal. The group were initially being offered a $60,000 advance as part of the deal and would only see profit upon recoup, which meant that their first album would have to sell over $250,000, among other stipulations.

The aforementioned site also reported on the documentary itself, describing it as a warts and all affair that saw various friction erupt between the band, their label and their manager Alan Sacks. Instances described included members of the band objecting to Sony‘s suggestion of marketing material that would portray the group as cartoon characters similar to the art style of ‘The Boondocks‘, among other clashes. Despite the drama and recent troubles,  Brickhouse offered:

“This is what I signed up for. So, we have to get used to it. Even if you don’t like it. So, that’s how I think of it. … If I want to make my dreams come true, then this is what I gotta do.”

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