Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan’s Tony Foresta Launches ‘Liquid Arson’ Hot Sauce


Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan frontman Tony Foresta has released his own signature brand of hot sauce called ‘Liquid Arson‘ through Tears Of Joy Hot Sauce. True to its name, the sauce boasts a 9 out of 10 heat rating and can be purchased here. Foresta commented of the taste bud destroying product:

“This is a collaboration with me and Brian from The mighty “Tears of Joy” Hot Sauce in Austin Texas. I’ve been wanting to work with him for years as I’ve always been a big fan of his store and the sauces he makes, The Sword‘s “Tears of Fire“, His Tequila Lime Sauce, Red Fang‘s “Night Destroyer” to name a few. Liquid Arson is an Italian flavored sauce that packs a punch but still has a lot of flavor. Good with almost anything to me personally I think it goes best with meatball subs, pizza or chicken parm. It’s kind of like a nuclear marinara sauce.”

Tony Foresta's Liquid Arson Sauce

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