Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz On The Price Is Right

Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz Recounts Winning It All On ‘The Price Is Right’, Reveals Plans For The Prizes


Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz has given his first interview since winning it all on ‘The Price Is Right. Dutkiewicz talked to Jamey Jasta on ‘The Jasta Show‘ and recounted of his experience after the episode aired:

“Me and a couple friends—we were all here watching it and then like my phone blew up, I had to like just turn it off, it was annoying as crap.

And then you know, we went out for lunch after the airing of it, and you know our management was like ‘Hey, uh, we don’t know what to do. We’re getting like a million requests for interviews right now—even like TMZ wants you to interview ’em.’ I was like ‘Oh my god’ and then like maybe twenty minutes later they were like ‘You know what, I don’t think we need to worry about interviews, you’re already trending’ and all this crap, so, it’s doing itself.”

On getting on ‘The Price Is Right‘:

“It was the craziest day of my life—you have no idea man—this is like insanity. Number one: its been like my favorite show like my entire life. I love game shows, I love ‘The Price Is Right‘ I’ve been watching since I was a kid, you know, the Rod Roddy and Bob Barker days, you know?

So like me and my girlfriend were going to hang out in California—like, she lived in California for years and years and that’s one of the reasons why we’re planning on moving back there. So we’re like ‘Oh let’s go spend some time in California, we miss it.’

One day we were like ‘You know what? It’s pretty easy to get tickets to ‘The Price Is Right‘ this is something I wanted to do my whole life, we should go do that while we’re there.’ She was like ‘Yeah let me check online’ and tickets were available while we were there, so we were like ‘Cool, let’s go’

And we met up with some friends, and so we got there, we did the taping that’s, uh, the second—they do two tapings a day—we did the second taping, which means you get there about noon.

So we get there for noon, met our friends and just wait. They make you wait, they’re filming the first episode while we’re there. And then like say 1-1:30 rolls around and you get your nametag, and you sign some paperwork saying you know, I am not an employee of CBS Broadcasting and then you go into another waiting area—it’s crazy, you know you wait and wait and another hour goes by.

Then the producer and his assistant—the first taping is completed—the producer and his assistant comes out and they actually say hi to every person that’s going into the taping of the show; probably because they want to get a gauge of what kind of personality you are, like is this a fun-spirited human being? Or is this like a mass murderer or arapist? You know, let’s figure it out real quick. So they say hi to everybody and then you go into like a third holding area for another hour. Then finally they let you in.

Dude it’s crazy, you don’t realize [Jasta asks if he knew he was going to be selected] no, no, not at all. I just wanted to see how this show works. I’m like I love this show, I watch it every day. I love seeing things like this, I’m interested in television production, I think it’s neat.

So I’m like let’s go and check this out it’s going to be cool to see how they film this and what it’s like to be in this room while they tape this. So we get in there, and dude, it’s this tiny fricking room. It looks huge on television, you’d think with all the games they bring out they’d have this huge stage. It’s not big at all man, every game they play, like even when they spin the wheel, it all comes from the back of the studio.

It comes through the sliding doors and like there it is and holy crap it’s tiny. So they start filming and like dude it’s just chaos. Everyone is just like on ’10’, everyone’s stoked to be there, everyone’s friendly, everyone’s pumped. And then they called me dude, I swear to god I blacked out in excitement—I was completely sober—I blacked out with excitement.

My girlfriend told me we were like kind of um, wedged in with these larger people, so when she had to get out to come see me play the games and stuff she couldn’t. But dude when I got called, I just plowed through every human in my way. I was like ‘Oh my god this is happening’ so dude I got up there. I just barely remember, I was like shaking with excitement, it was so cool.”

Despite his huge winnings, which included two new vehicles, Dutkiewicz can’t afford to keep everything that he won due to the taxes involved. While he hasn’t received the two vehicles yet, he does plan to sell them both when he gets them—the show has a contract which stipulates the prizes will be delivered within two months after the episode’s air date.

Earlier in the podcast Dutkiewicz also spoke of Killswitch Engage‘s forthcoming new album. He hopes the band will begin initial recording sessions for the effort in April, with a second session to follow after a short bout of touring. The band are aiming for a late summer release with the outing fulfilling their contract with Roadrunner Records, effectively leaving them free agents.