In This Moment’s Maria Brink Says “Just Being Sexy Will Get You Nowhere”


In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink has never shied away from using her sexuality to sell records, but she’s also convinced artists must have the talent to back it up. In the below interview with Linea Rock (see below,) Brink was asked whether she views herself as a sex symbol, a part of her reply to the question can be found below:

“Just being sexy will get you nowhere. You could be the sexiest woman in the world, and if you can’t sing, if you’re not an artist, you can’t create a show, you can’t have power in front of a crowd—you’re going to crash and burn.”

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Though the band have become increasingly known for Brink and their visuals/stage production, a question earlier in the chat saw Brink further explain why the band have went in that direction:

“The core of everything always has to be the music, we always say. So, if somebody’s laying the in the dark and they can’t see what we look like at all, you still want that music to make them feel something and make them, you know, have that connection.

But then, we like to, on top of that, give people something visually just as stimulating as if you’re just listening to the music. We really like to express ourselves artistically with all of the visuals and the theatrical side. It all kinda plays a really important part to us.”

In This Moment‘s former label Century Media will be releasing a greatest hits compilation from the outfit titled “Rise Of The Blood Legions – Greatest Hits“, on April 21st. A new North American tour with Butcher Babies, Upon A Burning Body and more was just announced as well.

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