Faith No More’s Billy Gould On New Album: “It’ll Be Much Different Than Everything Else Out There”


Faith No More bassist Billy Gould has spelled out the creative process that led to the band returning to the studio where they have most recently been tracking a new album together. As Gould revealed to Revolver, the initial sessions took place back in early 2012 with Gould, drummer Mike Bordin and guitarist Jon Hudson. Vocalist Mike Patton and keyboardist Roddy Bottum were resistant to the idea of new songs at first, as Gould explained:

“There was a weird caginess they had where they didn’t want to just jump in the ring. I started to think we were just doing this for ourselves. Then little by little, they warmed up to it and decided to contribute more.”

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Gould went on to say that the bands song “Matador” was the first time the pair got onboard, however Patton withdrew his interest shortly after. As Gould said of the tension:

“He would never let the conversation go there. It was very frustrating. I’d play him a song and say, ‘We’re working on this,’ and he’d say, ‘That sounds fantastic,’ and leave it at that. It was very hard to understand what was going on and if he was going to do it with us.”

Having eventually wore him down, the band now have around 10 songs tracked with fifteen more demoed. Patton has been recording vocals for the tracks at his own home studio with the album tentatively en route for an April bow on the bands own Recalamation Records. Gould said of the new material:

“It’ll be much different than everything else out there—but that’s sort of the point. It’s a combination of what we don’t hear in the outside world and what we feel is lacking from other bands. And in the end, it will sound like Faith No More.”

November 28th (aka Black Friday’s ‘Record Store Day‘ event) will see the band release their first new single in around seventeen years. That song, titled “Motherfucker“, will be released through Ipecac Recordings in conjunction with Reclamation. A limited edition 7″ will be made available on that date with a digital version to follow later on.

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