Melvins’ Buzz Osborne Slams “Lazy” Media For Calling Them “Sludgy” & “Slow”


Melvins frontman/guitarist Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne retained his sunny disposition for certain aspects of the media in an interview with Reviewers in particular were a target of Osborne‘s ire in the chat, with him offering:

“Most people who write reviews for records or talk to our band don’t know what they’re talking about, by and large. They think our records are a pointless endeavor, which doesn’t surprise me. If you look at what they’re reviewing, it quickly becomes clear that they don’t like what we’re doing. Generally speaking, they don’t like anything that’s good.

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You’ve got to remember: People who write reviews are lazy. They don’t know anything about music, by and large, but I can’t lead them down the dark path. There’s a vast array of wild, weird music. I don’t really like stoner rock. I don’t like bands that sound like other bands. We take our influences from bands people might not have thought of and turn them into something else.

We’re not sludgy or slow. Those are lazy ways to describe what we do by people who have never heard us and have no idea what we do. That is more sickening than anything else. There is a tiny little percentage of people out there who understand completely what we are doing. Then there are these other people who will never understand and never get it, and you just can’t worry about it. I like it, so let’s just leave it at that.

Let’s say we make something on our new album that’s considered weird — weird compared to what? “Our records are not weird in the grand scheme of weird records out there. I just have to go, ‘Really, guys? You don’t even know what weird is.’ It’s stupid. I have no idea what kind of rock they live under.”

Osborne also went on to rule out drugs as being a source of inspiration of creativity:

“Does it take a lot drugs to make this kind of music? I don’t know. I think drugs would probably stand in our way. I can’t think of a single instance where people have been bettered in their work as a result of taking drugs. Creativity comes from you and not some outside source. If it does, then we’re all being fooled. People who think that . . . there are a lot of psychedelic bands out there who cite drugs as an influence, but most don’t last very long. At that point, who cares?”

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