The Amity Affliction Frontman Says Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins Is A “Piece Of Shit”


Last year on the ‘Vans Warped TourThe Amity Affliction frontman Joel Birch clashed with Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins over comments allegedly made from the stage by Mullins. Mullins was accused of telling the girls in attendance at the bands set of dressing “slutty” to get the attention of men such as himself.

Birch‘s beef with Mullins continues to this day as he and his bandmate Ahren Stringer opened up again about that on the latest episode of ‘The Jasta Show‘.

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Joel Birch said of his issue with Mullins:

Memphis May Fire, Matty Mullins said—and this is verbatim—”God blessed me with a panic attack so I could relate to my fans.” I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 13-14 years and if God, Jesus Christ, blessed me with a panic attack, I guess… I’m an atheist and Matty Mullins is a piece of shit.”

Stringer further elaborated:

“The thing that sparked it all was, the thing that he said on ‘Warped Tour‘, like onstage. You’ve got mostly 13-17 year-old girls watching your band—especially that band—I mean no one cares about us—especially in America.

But, he was actively… He said onstage something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe all you girls are dressed like this, it’s disgusting to me.’ ‘You guys don’t have to act like, dress like sluts, to impress me, I’ve got a wife.’

It’s like motherfucker, no one’s trying to suck your dick you fucking dickhead. Don’t act like they’re here to impress you. They’re hot temperature wise. Maybe some of them were hot physically, I don’t know. But I’m saying, there’s dudes out there with no shirts on, what’s the difference? Like they’re wearing a bikini top to a ‘Warped Tour‘—what the fuck?—who cares. Don’t be a misogynist and target women.”

Birch added:

“Why is it the responsibility of the female to stop the male from raping them?”

Stringer followed with:

“If Matty Mullins had his way, he’d make them all be wearing ninja masks.”

Stringer later continued to discuss his issues with Mullins:

“But the thing is, and why we keep going on about it, is because, the fact is he never really apologized about the things he that said. He went ‘oh I know I shouldn’t have said slut, I shouldn’t have said this.’ But he talked around it and he said you know, ‘I shouldn’t have said it, I shouldn’t used those words’—cause he’s a fucking god botherer.

But he didn’t apologize about the fact that he was still slut shaming. And that’s wrong to me, and I think that you should apologize about what you’re talking about, rather than the words you’re saying. I don’t care if you say fuck, cunt, shit, piss—you know? it’s a word.

You’re talking about girls dressing a certain way that they shouldn’t. And he went on to say ya know that girls shouldn’t do this and that the body is a blessed place, it’s a temple, like you shouldn’t show that thing off. Fuck you, that’s what I’m saying.”

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