About Those Changes At…


If you’ve hit today you’ve likely noticed a few changes. Some are temporary, others are not. First up Disqus has been implemented for commenting. While I understand this may not be your preferred commenting method and appreciate what we had built with the prior system, it unfortunately was in need of an upgrade.

The default WordPress commenting system used prior was effective, but it also had the side effect of causing a lot of server strain as the community continued to grow. Disqus helps to eliminate that unfortunate side effect so hopefully you can adjust and continue to participate in adding your own opinions, snide comments and correcting me on all my rampant morning typos.

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Upgrades are now underway for some less crucial functions of the site, hence the current missing view counts, recent comments and top headlines. There’s also been some server instability issues over the last two weeks which are also presently being addressed. Consider this all future proofing for bigger things ahead.

With a little luck everything should hopefully be back up to speed ASAP. Apologies if you’re pissed, shit happens.