Ex-Chimaira Frontman Addresses The Fate Of Crowdfunding Perks, Thanks Fans For Support


Now ex-Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter has been active on his social media since yesterday’s announcement that the band is done. One such concern from some fans was the honoring of certain perks from the groups crowdfunding campaign. Hunter said of that:

“If I ever start another project, I will honor any and all Chimaira/Indiegogo perks. Including guestlist for life.”

There were also jokes as well, such as:

“Why the Sp Lit? It was time to Let Go and explore other Options. Started to feel Dead Inside…had to Pass Out Of Existence.

“My new band, Psychedelic Penis, plans on releasing a 7″ and a 12” called “The Blacker Album”. Full swing ahead!”

Ultimately though, Hunter followed up with the more earnest tweet:

“Jokes aside, I can’t thank the fans enough for the outpour of love and positivity. Some of the comments brought me to tears… #Respect”