All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Says He’s Glad His Band Has “Transcended ‘Metal'” (Updated)


Update – August 27th 3:20pm:

Phil Labonte has furthered followed up on his original post with the following today through his Facebook:

“So I guess the metal blogs picked up the post I made about metal the other day and the butthurt ensued. Funny thing is, all the people hating on me have all said “ATR isn’t metal anymore” but when I say it they all freak out. So easy.”

Original Story:

All That Remains‘ increasingly melodic sound has earned them numerous detractors over the years. Frontman Phil Labonte apparently sees this as the band transcending the confines of “metal”, offering the following through his Facebook:

“So in the past six months bleeding through called it quits, god forbid called it quits, and just today shadows fall has announced that for all intents and purposes they’re calling it quits. I’m so glad ATR have transcended “metal” and have become “musicians.”

He later clarified with the following post:

“Guys, that last post was about “metal” and it wasn’t about the quality of the bands mentioned. It was a reflection on how arbitrary and fickle “metal” fans are. Stop lookin for hate.”

All That Remains have just finished up recording their new album.