Stray From The Path Say “The Police Are Showing Their True Colors” In Ferguson, MO


Stray From The Path have long had activist inclinations and thus have since weighed in with their thoughts on the rioting and protesting going on in Ferguson, MO. The ongoing situation follows the shooting of an unarmed black male named Michael Brown, who is alleged to have committed a strongarm robbery prior.

An extremely heavy handed police presence has been exercised in the continuing tensions that have flared since. Speaking via, the group offered the following thoughts:

“A lot of people have been asking for our thoughts on what is happening in Ferguson, MO. I will admit, as things started unfolding, I tried to stay away from social media. As I have talked out against the Police in the past…those conversations escalate almost immediately, and last time It was hard for me to keep my composure.

My only hope is that now people will start to see what we are talking about. Journalists attacked, media has been blacked out, an 18 year old has been killed and the police are showing their true colors. Anonymous released the police dispatch after Brown was shot, and it took the officer 4 hours of calling in backup to call in EMS and report the shooting, which you can listen to here Pictures from Ferguson, MO look like a war zone with the military running through the city. These are the people that WE PAY to PROTECT US.

If it wasn’t bad enough, the fucking president comes on the television and says “there is no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protestors in jail for lawfully excercising their first amendment rights and here in the USA police should not be arresting journalists who are trying to do their jobs and report to the American people on what they see on the ground”

What an absolute joke. There are pictures of cops literally tear gassing Al Jezera reporters to keep reports from getting out. Then after the reporters fled from the attack, the police jump out of the armored truck, and dismantle the camera set up. Two reporters from the Huffington post and the Washington Post were arrested for not leaving a public McDonalds quickly.

When is the last time a peaceful protest ended without arrests or restraint? Even when people are being arrested, I saw an account where someone put their hands behind their backs and yelled “I am not resisting, I am unarmed” and the police just scream “Stop resisting!” and they use whatever force they want.

Look…this is not about who is right and who is wrong. People get passionate about the topic and I truly get that. But if you cannot notice what is happening this very second in our country, than you are just lying to yourself. This is history repeating itself.”

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