Robb Flynn Says King 810 Remind Him Of Machine Head’s Early Days


Machine Head vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn is a proponent of King 810, an outfit that have taken their fair share of flak lately for their controversial image and theatrics. Flynn told Metal Hammer of his admiration for the outfit:

“I first heard them a while ago. They were in my top ten last year, with their Midwest Monsters EP. I started hearing about them from what people were saying about previous tours they did, because they were getting banned from clubs and their fans were causing chaos with violent pits. I love that. The punk rock side of me always wants to know what’s up with something like that. There was something similar about them to how we were in Machine Head‘s early days. We were banned from a few clubs round here for fighting for generally being assholes, so they appealed to me right away!

What they do is totally killer, man. They have these really killer lyrics and David has this really intense vocal delivery. It’s just really exciting stuff. I’m really looking forward to hearing the full album, for sure.”

King 810 will release their new album “Memoirs Of A Murderer” next week on August 19th through Roadrunner.

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