Former Downset. Members Return As CutThroat, Reclaim Songs They Released As Downset.


The Downset. lineup saga has been given another confusing wrinkle. You may recall that the ‘classic lineup‘ returned earlier this year to reclaim the name and just released a new studio album titled “One Blood” this week.

The previous lineup of the band that had been touring as Downset. graciously stepped aside to allow that to happen. However, three members of that outfit, aka the modern ‘Downset.‘—vocalist Neil Roemer, bassist J.D. Manhart and drummer Chris Lee—have joined with guitarist Daniel Banura and rebranded themselves CutThroat.

Last year while still operating under the moniker of Downset. the now members of CutThroat released a new single “Forgotton” that featured Sen Dog of Cypess Hill and George Lynch. Well, they have now reclaimed that song (now titled “Forgotten“) as a CutThroat track and released the following video for it earlier this month.

Also posted below is another track titled “Blind” from the outfit recorded during the same sessions as “Forgotten“.