John Garcia (Ex-Kyuss) Debuts “My Mind” Music Video, Says Vista Chino Are “Parked In The Garage”


Vista Chino/ex-Kyuss frontman John Garcia has posted his “My Mind” music video online. Have a look at it below. Garcia will release his new self-titled album on August 05th. Meanwhile, those hoping for new music from Vista Chino will have a while to wait. Garcia recently told Noisey of the bands status:

“Well, Vista Chino was a little bit of an accident. I never expected to fall in love with [former Kyuss drummer] Brant [Bjork]’s drumming again, but I did and we went on tour [originally as Kyuss Lives] and then we decided to do a record together. At that point, we hit a few bumps in the road. But we figured that out, and we did the record. There’s still talk about doing another one, but right now Vista Chino is parked in the garage and she’s not going anywhere. Hermano is parked in the garage, too, and she’s not going anywhere. But the car I’m in now is fueled up and running like a champ, and I’m gonna take her out for a very long time. I don’t see myself hopping into the Vista Chino car anytime at all in the near future. But never say never, you know?

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If anyone knows anything about my career, it’s that I don’t like to stay in one spot for too long. Kyuss was the longest run. After that—Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, Danko Jones, Mad City Rockers, Arsenal, The Crystal Method—they were all kinda short. I don’t mind that. Some singers stay in one band and one band only, but I love being exploratory. I just follow where my gut tells me. Call it “whoring yourself out.” I don’t call it that. Call it “watering your career down.” I don’t call it that. Like I said before, there is no fuckin’ rule book. If I wanna do an underwater polka record, I’m gonna do an underwater polka record.”

Noisey also asked what the status of his relationship is with former Kyuss bandmates Josh Homme (now of Queens Of The Stone Age) and Scott Reeder after the pair became involved in a legal dispute over trademarks with Garcia and Bjork. Garcia replied:

“I don’t wanna talk shit about Josh Homme or Scott Reeder. I can’t sit here and say, “Fuck those guys!” There was a time when Brant and I were fighting them and we didn’t have the best temperament and I let my emotions get the best of me. But I’ve moved on. I’ve let that stuff go. I’ve forgiven them and hopefully they’ve forgiven me. And that’s it. I want peace, man.

I’d love to be friends with those guys again. I mean, me and Scott Reeder were tight. I was closer with Scott than anyone else in Kyuss. I hope that we can run into each other on the street and shake each other’s hands and let bygones be bygones. As far as Josh goes, we were never really that tight, even before the lawsuit. But again, if I do see Josh, I don’t want there to be anything weird. I wanna move on, and that’s it. There are bigger and more important things to think about, and I wish those guys all the best in the world.”

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