Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme Speaks Of New Material & Them Crooked Vultures


Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Josh Homme met with for a chat on the bands current plans. During the conversation Homme confirmed there are a lot of new songs in the works for their next album:

“I’ve been writing a lot on the road, and there’s some stuff that we didn’t quite pick up to tinker with that was waiting in the wings on the last record that just never got… we had enough. We were having plenty of trouble figuring out those ones, so as not to pick up the other ones. And they didn’t really belong on the last record. Some of ‘em were too happy.”

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The interview also steered towards a potential return of Them Crooked Vultures, to which Homme offered:

“All I know is I know we all want that. I know all four of us, including Alain [Johannes] would love to do something again. And the Vultures is this thing where it needs to surprise us in the band just the way it did last time. And it’ll show up at some point like, ‘It’s time, boys!’ – and it needs to operate under that guise, or it’ll have the stink of desperation on it. It needs to be natural, and we all want it. So we’re just waiting for nature to take it’s course.”

As was recently posted, Queens Of The Stone Age will close out their “…Like Clockwork” touring cycle with a Halloween bash at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.