The Faceless Reveal Guitarist For Immediate Touring, Update On New Album Progress


Michael Keene of The Faceless took part in a Q&A on Twitter today for the ‘Summer Slaughter Tour‘. There was some info to be gleaned from the various replies. Filling in on guitar for the aforementioned tour will be Nico Santora, most recently of Suicidal Tendencies, etc. He will be taking over the spot vacated by guitarist Wes Hauch.

Bassist Evan Brewer also remains a member of the band and will be out with them this summer. Brewer previously missed numerous shows with the band last year to “explore a potential musical opportunity.”

On the new album front, the group hope to finish it in the fall and currently have 7 songs written and partially recorded for it. They are still debating on releasing a pre-production track prior to that and are unsure if they will be playing a new song life on the above-mentioned tour.

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