Five Finger Death Punch Singer To Guest On New In This Moment Album, Bassist Says No One Will Buy “Garbage” Music


Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody will be guesting on In This Moment‘s new album. He told Rock 105.5 of that earlier this month:

“She’s [Maria Brink] such a sweetheart. She’s one of my best friends… Maria was a no brainer for me, man. I’ve been wanting to do something with her since the single fell through… They’re in the studio right now working on the new CD and I’m looking at doing a song on their CD. So I’m waiting for them to send it to me. We’re not going to do “The Promise“—sorry—but if we ever play together we might do it live.”

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Meanwhile, band bassist Chris Kael recently said of the bands success to 100.3 The X:

“People are always talking about, ‘Oh, nobody’s buying records anymore. Nobody’s buying records.’ If you put out garbage, no one’s gonna buy it, ya know? You’ve gotta really focus on the craft. It’s all about the songwriting, you know. At the end of the day, regardless of whatever else you’ve got going on, unless you’ve got a good song, no one’s gonna buy anything. So, ya know, we take pride in writing the best songs that we possibly can. We’ve been doing it for awhile, and we keep on plugging away.”

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