Stick To Your Guns Quit Facebook, Say: “Our Music Is Not A Spring Board For Your Bank Account!”


Stick To Your Guns have decided to abandon Facebook in light of the social media companies increasingly restrictive policies. Currently the social media giant allows bands, companies, blogs, etc. access to a small fraction of those who have liked their profile, charging money per post to gain access to more.

There is of course a slight way around this by having the user choose a select setting when choosing to ‘like’ a page, but the likelihood of each user doing that is obviously quite low. Here’s what the band had to say about their exodus, via their Facebook, naturally:

“We’d love to tell you about our new album…
Unfortunately @Facebook will decide which of the 20,000 (of 300,000) actually get to know that it even exists. In the meantime, they collect data on our fans to target you for advertising campaigns to sell you shit you that don’t need. We don’t see the profits for that! OUR MUSIC IS NOT A SPRING BOARD FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Now they want a double profit?!
Packing our boxes and moving to @twitter where we know you can engage.
Tell them to fuck off with us.
We’ll be on tour in ______ on ______. (For $5,000+ you can read this post.)”

The outfit of course have a new album recorded with a release later this year on Sumerian in the works.