Emmure Stir Up More Controversy With Shirt Design (Updated)


Emmure managed to generate some likely intended controversy today with the online posting of a shirt. It went up for sale on and was apparently only available for a scant few hours before the listing for it was pulled. You can see a cap of it below. No reason was given as to why the shirt is no longer available. Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri of course has had a long history of controversial merch designs.

Update – April 29th 2:01pm:

While the shirt was actively plugged on their social media today (in a since deleted post) and briefly offered through the aforementioned merch site, Emmure have pointed out that the shirt is in fact an old design. They have also clarified that it was was not removed for being controversial. Here’s what they had to say of it:

“No , EMMURE did not remove a T-shirt from the 518 webstore because we thought it was controversial. –
We just don’t want to our fans to visit our online stores and see the same stuff we were selling on tour just weeks ago.
As a collective we are constantly striving to produce new content for our listeners in all aspects. Merchandise included.
I will have you know we have been printing ” Ask Ya Girl” shirts ever since 2009 and was a big seller on last years RockStar Mayhem tour.
Sorry internet but this is not news. You are 5 years late.”

Emmure's Keep Calm Shirt

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