Aaron Harris (Palms/Ex-Isis) Recounts Facing A “Drum Tech’s Biggest Fear” While On Tour With Tool


Former Isis drummer Aaron Harris remains a man of many trades. When not playing with Palms, he can often be found in the studio producing/mixing, etc. bands or out on the road drum teching for the likes of Deftones and Tool. Below you can watch him swap out a broken snare head mid-song for Tool‘s Danny Carey during a San Diego, CA show last month with nary a beat missed. He recounted the experience as follows on his blog:

“I’ve also been on the road recently, touring with Tool as Danny Carey‘s drum tech. The tour was great and it was really inspiring to watch Tool perform each night, especially Danny‘s drum solo. In San Diego, though, Danny broke a snare head during “Push It.” It’s a drum tech’s biggest fear and it’s also a tough situation for Danny, especially in a song like “Push It.” I swapped to his back-up snare mid song. Below are a couple videos that captured the exchange. In this first video you can see me telling Danny that I was going to do the swap during the next section of the song where I knew there was some room for the swap to work. In the second video, you see scene unfold. It was exciting for sure, but not something I want to happen again!”

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