Soulfly’s Max Cavalera On His Crazy Past: “I Was Taking, Like, 25 Vicodin A Day And Drinking Two Bottles Of Wine On Top Of It.”


Soulfly, etc. frontman Max Cavalera has been doing the press rounds to promote the English release of his autobiography, “My Bloody Roots: From Sepultura to Soulfly and Beyond: The Autobiography“, which was co-written by Joel McIver. That effort saw a US release yesterday, April 15th, and Cavalera recently told the Phoenix New Times of some of the crazier moments featured in it:

I pissed off a lot of people. I called [brother Igor Cavalera‘s ex-wife] a whore. Paulo Jr. [Sepultura bassist] didn’t play on a lot of records. It was the truth. A lot of people didn’t know that. I didn’t want to hold nothing back. I was truthful. Even my shit with drugs and alcohol. I abused the shit out of it. I don’t know how I survived it. I was taking, like, 25 Vicodin a day and drinking two bottles of wine on top of it. People need to know this shit.

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I’ve been clean, like, eight years now.

Early days of Sepultura . . . me hopping around like a Tasmanian devil on stage and that was usually after, like, six shots of vodka and some painkillers, but I wasn’t fucked up. It was fuel for the show.

I am human, you know, and vulnerable like anybody else. I fight demons like everybody else. It was hard to let things go. I like drinking. I like getting fucked up. I would never have puked on Eddie Vedder, but I did because I was fucked up. Same with Lemmy. I would never have thrown wine on his head, but I was fucked up. I would never have done it now — not in this state of mind — but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wanted Sepultura to play “Orgasmatron,” but Lemmy wouldn’t let us, so I got pissed off and the last night of [that] tour we all went on stage during Motorhead‘s last song naked [laughs] with socks on our cocks and ruined their night. Lemmy got super-pissed and yelled at Gloria. He told her that we were never going to make it in rock ‘n’ roll and that we were unprofessional and all that shit. We’ve laughed about it since then, and I think we gained their respect, in a way.”

Cavalera also spoke of the audiences reactions to his sons outfits, Lody Kong and Incite, whom he has frequently toured with in recent years:

“They don’t really like it [Lody Kong opening for Soulfly]. I told the boys that I opened for a lot of people whose audience didn’t like Sepultura, but you have to use the reaction as a weapon.

They had a couple shows where the crowd didn’t like it, but some did. They have a Sonic Youth influence. My crowd doesn’t listen to Sonic Youth. I do, but a lot of my friends don’t. I noticed that the more they play, the better they got.

We had the Maximum Cavalera tour and it was Lody Kong, Incite, and Soulfly. They were [Cavalera demonstrates a reaction by sitting back and crosses his arms] for Lody Kong. They were okay for Incite, though, maybe because they are a lot more my style. Richie [Cavalera] has really become a good front man. He has a lot of energy and reminds me a lot of the lead singer for Lamb of God [Randy Blythe]. He really gets the crowd going.

It was funny because we had to hide the beer from them. Put it in a trunk or hide it the bus and make sure they didn’t steal it. I would have stolen it back when I was their age. They are a lot more well behaved than I was, which is good for them.”

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