Reformers Frontman & Mediaskare Records Comment On Alleged Homophobic Lyrics In “Abomination”


Christian metal outfit Reformers found themselves at the center of some controversy this week due to the alleged homophobic context of some of the lyrics featured in their new track “Abomination“.

Band vocalist Andrew Backlin has released the following video message regarding the track, disputing the notion that it was targeted towards homosexuals. He insists that the song is rather “written to all sin, to all people”.

The bands label Mediaskare also released a statement regarding the controversy:

Mediaskare Records is a platform for music as an art form. Neither pro or anti anything. Just art.

Art is there to invoke feeling, thought and debate. It’s not supposed to be liked by everyone, nor just sit in the background. It’s supposed to make you feel, one way or another.

One persons or groups opinion is merely that, the opinion of that person or group and in no way reflects on our own personal opinions or views. We might not personally agree, but we believe in the right for you, them or anyone else to have the right to say it.

When you start censoring art you become the problem and part of an ideology. All views, whether political, religious or otherwise are represented on this Mediaskare Records. We have Christian bands preaching the love of god, we have atheist bands preaching otherwise, we have political bands from all spectrums. Not once do we steer, interfere or advise artists in what their content should be.

If your canvas is silence and you paint with sound, if we like it, we put it out. If there is meaning, hidden meaning or has no agenda at all just doesn’t come into the equation because art is relative to each person and is extremely subjective.

And just like our artist, we respect our friends and family’s views. You don’t like a band or their message, we understand. That’s your opinion and you have every right to air it.

I hope you understand that we feel art is the one place politics, religion and social ideologies should be aired and expressed freely and without censorship, no matter what end of the spectrum it comes from.

Mediaskare Records

Reformers will release their new album “Abolish” through Mediaskare on April 29th.


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