Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Says Nothing’s New Album Is His Favorite Of 2014 Thus Far


Three months into the year and Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe already has a contender for his favorite album of the year. Blythe took to his Instagram to endorse Nothing‘s newly-released album “Guilty Of Everything“. He shared the following thoughts about it:

“It’s early in the game (only March), and & I happen to know there are a few real zingers coming down the pipe, but so far, this record, “Guilty of Everything” by Killadelphia’s own NOTHING is my favorite record released in 2014 so far. Relapse records put this out today, 3.5.2014, & it’s quite a jump for them from their normal fare.

Guilty of Everything” is NOT “metal”, so if that’s what you want, don’t bother checking it out. What it is is kinda like “Loveless“-era My Bloody Valentine on steroids, as if Kevin Shields had grown up in the 90’s hardcore scene- it’s beautiful, but there is some serious heft beneath the splendorific swirling riffs. Lately as I’m driving my truck through the rain at night, the bitter cold ocean waves just a few yards away, I listen to the second track, “Dig“, on repeat.

That’s what this is- beautifully heavy driving your truck through a winter storm by the sea at night tunes (I also like writing my book to it). I’ve had a promo copy of it from Relapse for a month now, & it’s still just as good as it was upon the first listen. Check it out- NOTHINGGuilty of Everything” out today on Relapse. Great fucking record.”