Linkin Park Release New Single “Guilty All The Same”, Rakim Guests (Updated)


Linkin Park released a new single to radio today. The track is titled “Guilty All The Same” and features a cameo from legendary rapper Rakim. The track was recently made available via the Shazam app to those who searched for Linkin Park music and has since wound up online. You can find a leaked stream of the track courtesy of a fan site below. Band vocalist, etc. Mike Shinoda told of the track

“The reason we went with this single first is that we think it’s a good look into the DNA of the record that we’re putting out this summer. A few months ago I was making some demos and writing this stuff and it sounded like something that you could play on the radio. listen to a lot of indie music… and I was listening to the demos and thought, I don’t want to make any of that music. What is it that’s not out there right now that I’m all about, that I’m fired up about that is a void? It ended up being this new material.”

He later added: “It’s louder; it’s more visceral than probably anything we’ve done recently. And we’re all really proud of it.” Shinoda also spoke to the site of having Rakim guest on the track:

“That’s like one of my idols. If you get into the nitty-gritty of his rhyme pattern and the topic in this song, it’s bananas what he is doing. He’s on the some Steve Vai shit vocally.”

Linkin Park continue to work on their as-yet untitled new album. The band also recently announced the ‘Carnivores Tour‘ with 30 Seconds To Mars and AFI.

Update – March 06th 8:55pm:

An official stream of “Guilty All The Same” has now been made available by the band themselves and can be heard after the break. A digital single will be released tomorrow, March 07th, via iTunes.

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