Beyond The Shore Involved In Van Accident While On Tour


Beyond The Shore found themselves in the ditch after hitting a patch of black ice while on tour this week. The group said of the accident which took place yesterday morning:

“This morning around 3am we had a scary incident on I-90 heading from Spokane, WA to our show in Twin Falls, ID.

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Due to a long drive and weather conditions, the tour package, Arsonists get all the girls, Seeker and ourselves decided to drive caravan style through the night. About 30 miles outside Spokane, we ran into some extremely bad black ice. We hit a bump and our trailer swung hard left, pulling us sideways on the highway. We somehow recovered from the slide, but the momentum from our trailer sent us spinning 540 degrees in the other direction throwing us off the road into a 10 foot ditch. We were sure we were going to flip, and we’re very fortunate that wasn’t the case. Thankfully nobody was injured and we somehow skated out with minimal damage to the van & trailer. We got extremely lucky, a foot in either direction probably would have sent us rolling several times.

We’d like to send a huge thank you out to the members of Arsonists Get All The Girls and Seeker for everything they did to help. Every member of both bands literally sprinted to our rig to make sure we were all ok, pushed us up out of the ditch so we could get to a safer area, and also kept us calm the rest of the day as we made our way to the show. We would have been screwed without every single one you so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

A picture from the accident scene can be seen below with remaining dates for the trek available here.

Beyond The Shore Van Accident