Arsonists Get All The Girls Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New Touring Van


Capitalizing on their headlining tour announcement, Arsonists Get All The Girls have now launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new touring van. The group are seeking to crowdfund $10,000 USD through the campaign with their pitch available below:

“Hey Guys!!

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We are Arsonists Get All The Girls, an internationally touring band from Santa Cruz, CA. On our way home from our last US tour, Our van’s engine blew up on the side of a very dangerous highway in the mountains of California. After being stranded with our gear for 35 hours we found someone to pick up our trailer up and take us home while our van was towed to a garage.

As some of you know we are currently an Independent unsigned band at the moment, so what that means is we have been self funding the band for awhile now. We are teaming up with Indiegogo to reach out to our fans and ask for a little bit of help, and we put together a great list of incentives to say thank you for your help.

Unfortunately at this time with buying flights to Europe and dealing with other debts and personal expenses we simply cannot afford to buy a new van. So we are asking our fans to help with donations that all will go towards getting us a new van to get back on tour and promote our new album Listen To the Color.

If you are unable to help us financially Indiegogo has great tools that help you share our cause with your friends which is just as big of a help to us. Through your donations and promotion we can get a new vehicle and get back on the road and continue touring.

We are very grateful for your support and we hope to hang out with all of you very very soon!

Thank you,


Arsonists Get All The Girls