Diecast Say Financial Issues Are The Cause Of New Album’s Delay


Diecast have revealed that financial issues are the delay for their upcoming new album:

“We understand that everyone is very anxious for the new record and wants to know what the $&@%ing hold up is!! We feel we should bring you all up to speed on what the issues are. We have run into some financial issues with the new record. Without getting into the specifics we have lost our financial backing and need to pull the funds to finish this from our own pockets! This does not discourage us in anyway and we are going to be hitting this balls to the wall!!

This only means that it’s just gonna take a little time. We hold ourselves to a very high standard on our recordings. We want to give you all the absolute very best in performance as well as quality of the recording. We will not just settle, or, due to cost, put something out we are not 1000% happy with!! We hit a period where we had to stall the record due to capital but, with some new things that are on the horizon (which we cannot announce yet) things are gonna turn around very quickly!

All that needs to happen now is a few punch-ins on the performance side of things. Then off the be mixed and mastered!!!!! Then it’s DONE!!! We hope this sheds some light on the situation!! Hang in there everybody!! It’s coming ASAP!!! Thank you all for sticking with us and being patient!! That shows the true dedication of our fans and believe us, we realize and appreciate it!! WE want this record done as much as you!!!! Just to warn you though, be prepared for something brutal!!

From all of us here at DIECAST, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! \m/ \m/”

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