Kurai Singer Speaks On Backlash From Mudvayne Fans, Says They Aren’t “A Nu-Metal Korn Wannabe Band”


Kurai frontman Scott Von Heldt has addressed the criticism the band has faced from Mudvayne fans unhappy. The issue stems from Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie‘s involvement with the group, which has been revealed to be a temporary arrangement. Speaking on that Von Heldt offered:

“Well our new single Breaking The Broken has been out for about a week now and although some are really digging the heavy groove & vibe of the tune it’s been very apparent that Mudvayne fans are not impressed and furthermore after seeing lot’s of “c’mon Ryan what’s this shit” remarks I feel the need to clear the air and make sure everybody knows the real deal.

Ryan is a GUEST on this EP and he agreed to do it as a friend to Abel. He did not write the songs but had full freedom to compose his parts and he did some amazing work on it. If your a true fan of Ryan‘s playing then don’t be so quick to judge this book by the cover and just enjoy his work on it without pre-conceived ideas of what he should be doing or who he should be doing it with.

Nobody would rather see a new Mudvayne record more than us because we love the guy and all that he’s done with them, that’s why we wanted him on the record, but this AGAIN is not Ryan‘s new band and he fully intends to do another record with Mudvayne. He simply helped us with this EP and respectfully will not be a member of the band moving forward because it’s not his cup of tea.

As for our music, regardless of whether people like the riffs or my vocals are really irrelevant to us because we are experimenting with all types of music and those that get it will get it and those who don’t won’t and that is perfectly fine by us. We are all entitled to react to music in our own way and some styles and sounds resonate with some more than others so it’s all good.

The first single is the most stripped down “single-ready” tune and may not be what people expected out of the gate with Ryan‘s name attached to it, but there are MANY levels of heavy music and we are focused on exploring all types of styles and molding them into grooves and vibes that span beyond any of the forms or labels people have had to throw on everything for years.

The concept of Kurai came from many years of study in Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do which stresses taking things from all styles to create a style of your own that stresses simplicity with a furious attack that’s driven by emotional content. That’s what we do; a little prog with a dash of death metal, some doom/stoner vibe mixed in, and dare I say, yes there are some nu-metal influences obviously, even some world elements. So again, don’t be so quick to dismiss this because it didn’t blow your head off like LD.50 did and try and enjoy Ryan‘s artistic contribution to it.

Furthermore, to simply view us as a nu-metal Korn wannabe band kinda shows the lack of vision in the metal community. We all use to be a family of souls connected through a genre of music we all relate to, but when you get on these news sites and blogs and see literally everything posted about any band anymore getting all these hateful comments it just makes me wonder what the hell metalheads do like anymore and where did all our open minds go?

We don’t expect to make music every metal fan will like, that’s impossible, but I’m one of those guys that has never tried to be anyone else or mimic what’s popular. The stuff I write comes from real experiences and emotions that I know allot of people can relate to and we deliver it in a raw way with no-frilly things attached.

Music is living and Kurai embraces the life that music creates and the power we have as individuals to mold and create our own experiences and fully express our experience while we are in these bodies. With that being said we appreciate everyone’s honest feedback and encourage people to express themselves from the soul and not just make superficial remarks that may get a quick rise outta some dude sitting on You Tube all day but be true to yourselves.

If that means leaving a negative remark about everything people work hard to create and that’s true to your character then go for it, no real harm done. I appreciate your time and hope this is received with the kind intention it was written with and we look forward to sharing the rest of the EP in a few weeks!”

Musically Yours,

Kurai‘s debut EP “Breaking The Broken” will see a December 17th release. You can hear the title track here.

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