Ex-Bury Your Dead Frontman Myke Terry Speaks On His Experiences With Racism


Former Bury Your Dead Myke Terry (now of IVA) shared the following series of tweets last night regarding his experiences with racism while on tour with Bury Your Dead years back and how he is still affected by racism today. He said the following via his Twitter:

“2013. Still possible to get called a nigger. Hard “er”. out loud. And meaning it. In real life. It’s cool though. I feel bad for people who have to stoop that low. I soldout straightedge with the drummer of PANTERA after he called me a nigger and kissed me on the cheek.

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I never really get onto my soapbox but fuck. Enough is enough. Why you gotta be so fucking hateful? My whole career in bury your dead, at least 2 out of 5 messages i received on MySpace everyday read something like this….. “GET YOUR MONKEY NIGGER ASS OFF STAGE AND BACK IN A JUNGLE WHERE YOU BELONG. YOU SUCK. GET OUT OF METAL. BRING THE WHITE GUY BACK”

Imagine me being 24 in Europe on tour. Only black dude on earth. Alone in my bunk reading that. Following my heart gettin hated on all the way.

You know what, my bad. I apologize to all of you for blowing up your twitter feed. I will say this: Coming from a reformed shitty dude: think about your words and your actions. What you do and say don’t affect just only you.

What if that girl calling me a nigger wa the straw to make me go home and blow my brains out because I’ve been dealing my life issues. Then that’s a dad and a mom without a son. A brother, a best friend, somebody’s someone gone forever. Because you got hot in the tongue.

For the record. I would never do some wild shit like that. I’ve lost more than one friend to quitting on life and that shit SUCKS

Just saying. Could you reaaaaally handle being to blame for someone snapping? Think about it folks. I love everyone. You should too.”

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