“Clown” On Next Slipknot Album: “We’ll Get Settled In To A Studio Sometime In January Or So And Starting Cutting Out The Pain”


Slipknot look to be planning to enter the studio in January to begin work on fleshing out a new album. Band percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan recently posted the following in regards to that and his current happenings on his Facebook:

“Went out on the lake today for awhile to try to get some negativity out of the brain. All these birds were flying off the water over my head. So peaceful and beautiful.
The new mask is coming out killer for all those who are getting one. You’ll be getting a lot of goodies.
I’m writing the best music of my life. I can’t wait to put it up on my page just so all of you can see who else I am, but as usual only if you care.
New site will be up soon.
I’m getting really excited for the up coming show in South America and the show in January in Mexico City. Both shows will be insane. I can hardly wait.
Then we’ll get settled in to a studio sometime in January or so and starting cutting out the pain.
I got an artist studio where there will be lots if photo stuff but also a very cool recording studio. I’m going through all my stuff and getting rid of some serious stuff. Check my site to see.
I have to write, record and play live with new art all around us. End of story.

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