Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme Says Jay-Z Is A “Kook”, Talks On Latest Album’s Difficulties


Queens Of The Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme wasn’t too thrilled with how rapper Jay-Z conducted business during the bands recent appearance at Jay-Z‘s ‘Made In America‘ festival (see their performance here.)

Speaking recently with George Stroumboulopoulos on the Strombo Show Homme stated:

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Jay-Z, that guy’s a kook. He has his security like frisking the bands. Well I just told [his security] if you open up my bag I’m not playing, so I guess it’s up to you now to decide whether I am playing or not .”

He later continued:

“The idea that they frisked all my guys… Means you’re in some different place, where I’m like ‘I don’t get this’. Who would [have known], no one has ever done that—apparently only a Jay-Z style festival—maybe that’s a hip hop thing, I’ve never seen it.”

He also went onto further elaborate on Jay-Z‘s behavior:

“He also gave us some champagne and then wanted us to take a picture with it. I was like that’s not a gift, that’s a marketing tool. I destroyed it cause I thought it was rude overall and you shouldn’t frisky my guys, you should fuck off.”

That segment starts around one hour and fifty six minutes in and can be heard after the break. Homme also talked about the difficult process they had making their latest album “…Like Clockwork“:

“if you were outside of the Queens Of The Stone Age, it looked like an amazing place to be. It looked like this phenomenal situation was abrewing—and we weren’t just back, we were going to blaze your face off. [But inside Queens] it was really rough. And cause there was such a categorical difference we couldn’t discuss anything. It made us go underground, cause we couldn’t reveal… how difficult it was to finish what was going on.”