Limp Bizkit Debut “Ready To Go” Music Video, Fred Durst Talks ‘Family Values’ & “Three Dolla Bill, Yall” Tour Rumors


Limp Bizkit have debuted their music video for their track “Ready To Go” online below via The song features a guest appearance from Lil Wayne with the clip co-directed by Fred Durst and Agata Alexander.

Meanwhile, band frontman Fred Durst took part in an AMA on Reddit yesterday, July 21st. The candid Q&A saw Durst answer a number of questions about the bands past and future plans, some excerpts from that can be found below:

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In regards to the release of the bands new album “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants“. Durst offered:

“You will probably never SEE a Stampede of the Disco Elephants, but you will hear Stampede of the Disco Elephants (#SOTDE), in it’s entirety, the first quarter of 2014.”

In regards to a follow-up to their “The Unquestionable Truth” EP:

“TUTP2 is on our agenda for sure. We are curious and excited as to what it will actually become.”

On a possible “Three Dolla Bill, Yall” anniversary tour:

“That a false rumor. But we are considering doing specific shows for specific albums playing the album from beginning to end except for the songs that have multiple guest appearances. This sounds fun to me.”

On another ‘Family Values Tour‘:

“I heard the Korn camp talking about another FV tour, but I am not sure it involves us or a lot of the first bands.”

On the his soured relationship with Eminem:

“I haven’t heard anything from Eminem since he turned on LB. I don’t speak much about it, but it really hurt my feelings at the time because I thought we were better friends than I suppose we were. I understand why he was upset, mainly with Lethal, but over time I’ve learned there are better ways to deal with things that upset us. I have remained a loyal fan of his and choose to remember the good times we shared. He is definitely one of the very few best rappers of all time.”

On if he ever parted ways with Limp Bizkit:

“I have this idea that Limp Bizkit is a spirit, not an actual group of specific guys. When I feel like my time with LB has come to an end, I would like to find a new group of guys with the same spirit to fill our slots and carry out the Limp Bizkit legacy for many more generations to come. They style doesn’t have to remain the same, but the passion, heart, and spirit of LB should remain consistent.”

On the inspiration for ‘Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water‘:

“Yes, Chocolate Starfish is a direct reference to the physical hole between most human butt cheeks.”

You can read the full chat here.

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