Newsted Set Track Listing To New Album “Heavy Metal Music”


The track listing has been revealed for Newsted‘s full-length debut, “Heavy Metal Music“. The outfit of course feature former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and Staind guitarist Mike Mushok. They will have the album in stores on August 06th with it set to run as follows:

01 – “Heroic Dose
02 – “Soldierhead
03 – “…As The Crow Flies
04 – “Ampossible
05 – “Long Time Dead
06 – “Above All
07 – “King Of The Underdogs
08 – “Nocturnus
09 – “Twisted Tail Of The Comet
10 – “Kindevillusion
11 – “Futureality

A free download of the new album track “Heroic Dose” is available here.