Geoff Rickly (Thursday/United Nations) Robbed At Gunpoint In New York (Updated)


Geoff Rickly (United Nations/ex-Thursday) was apparently Robbed at gunpoint in New York last night. Rickly himself commented on his situation via his Twitter today (June 04th) stating:

“Thank you for the well-wishes. Still love you, New York. Still hate you, guns. Friends, love you X10. No $.No phone.Can’t steal sunshine…”

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Update – June 04th 11:57pm:

Rickly has provided more details on the robbery via the below series of tweets:

“So just to give the whole story:
Walking home from the train to my place I was robbed.

Taken at gunpoint: iPad, iPhone, passport, wallet, cards, rent money in cash(long story). Also my medicine for intense medical treatments.

I’m one of many Americans who lives frugally and happily from paycheck to paycheck. This has been well documented in the past.

I haven’t asked anyone to help me with this except for the police. My friends and family have been there for me to the fullest.

A number of kind and generous souls have elected to make donations to my bandcamp, for one reason or another. Unexpected, unsolicited…

In a particularly difficult time in my life(brutal year), a potentially devastating event has shown me so much compassion, love and humanity

I feel very lucky, indeed. Thank you.

The aforementioned grassroots donation campaign refers to this mixtape Rickly released.

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