Ephel Duath Due Back In The Studio In July


Ephel Duath are slated to enter St. Petersburg, FL’s Mana Recording Studios in July with producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) behind the boards. The group will spend the time finishing up the recording sessions for their next album which they began last February.

The lineup for this latest album will find Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Joe Satriani) featured on bass. Eight new songs in total are on tap for the release with band founder Davide Tiso offering:

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“I wanted this album to be a strong statement. And I believe we achieved that. Every time I put together a release for Ephel Duath, I deal with it as if it was our last. Would I be OK to let this album be the band’s last shout? Yes, I definitely would.

I compose music to primarily please myself; doing it puts my mind in a very specific place, a spot where I feel fitting-in much, much better than in everyday life. Playing my guitar for Ephel Duath I get the peace and the release I need to keep myself going.

I’m an avid metal listener but when I play for Ephel Duath I don’t feel the need to bring my music to fit any parameters, at the same time I don’t put any efforts whatsoever to sound different: I just let go and navigate.”

A fall 2013 release on Agonia Records is expected while tentative song titles include “Tracing The Path Of Blood“, “Feathers Under My Skin” and “When Mind Escapes Flesh“.

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