Pelican Guitarist: “When An Energy Drink Sponsors A “Drone” Show We Really Need To Ask Ourselves If Corporate Sponsorship Has Gone Too Far”


Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw was active on his Twitter earlier today, May 02nd, sharing his thoughts on corporate sponsors’ encroachment of the metal underground. His thoughts were relayed via a series of tweets and replies, you can read them below:

“When an energy drink sponsors a “drone” show we really need to ask ourselves if corporate sponsorship has gone too far. I’m not criticizing the artists performing. I’ve played a bunch of corporate sponsored shows. I think every so often we should reevaluate.”

“do we really need their money? Is the financial state of the underground so fucked that we require their patronage?”

“I have, and presumably will, play corporate shows in the future, but I have regrets that we let them infiltrate what was once a safe space.”

Pelican have studio time booked next month for their new album which they expect to have in stores this fall.

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