Geoff Rickly (Ex-Thursday, Etc.) Describes Last Year’s ‘Warped Tour’ As The Nine Circles Of Hell


Geoff Rickly (United Nations/ex-Thursday, etc.) has turned in a lengthy read to The feature finds him likening his experience on last years ‘Vans Warped Tour‘ to the ‘nine circles of hell’ made famous in Dante Alighieri‘s “Divine Comedy“.

An excerpt from the read involving Blood On The Dance Floor can be found below:

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The Seventh Circle: “Violence”

I was in a bus crash on the Warped Tour this past summer. A handful of us Acoustic Dudes and a bunch of fresh-faced production kids hit a gigantic horse on the highway in Montana. We all kind of woke up in medias res, with broken glass, a wrecked bus, horse blood and meat on us and our belongings… and a storm raging outside.

But that’s not the violence I want to talk about. The violence I’m talking about is violence against art. I have a picture. It’s a picture of me, a band called Blood on the Dance Floor, and the actor Matthew Lillard, who is the new voice of Scooby Doo. And I believe, in the truest sense, that this photograph is a Violent Crime Against Art, and maybe also against Nature. Here’s why, in three simple steps.

1) Blood on the Dance Floor makes me feel old and irrelevant. Why? Because I don’t know what the fuck it is. It’s electro-pop-scream-metal-violence in goth drag that celebrates “cumming” on the audience with giant foam canons and has one of the most positive, inspirational record inserts that I’ve ever read. It’s either horrible nonsense or next-level art. But it’s truly made me realize, I don’t know the difference. So the singer with red hair and scary make-up told me that Thursday’s song, “You know,” he says, “the car crash one” changed his life. Luckily I was wasted and said, “How can I change it back?” Rimshot, dad… Am I right?

2) While he was complimenting my old band (sniff, it pains me to say that), Matthew Lillard starts to quiz him, apparently in earnest, about how it was that Blood on the Dance Floor came to be so mind-numbingly awesome…”

The full feature can be read at the above-mentioned link.