The Atlas Moth Wage War Of Dicks With Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri


The Atlas Moth have been waging a war of dicks per se with Emmure‘s Frankie Palmeri at various venues while on tour in Europe. The group have taken to adding dicks to tags Palmeri left at various venues. Below you can find some of their handiwork courtesy of their Instagram. It doesn’t appear to be a playful rib either as their pictures feature colorful captions like: “Before and after: me pwning Frankie palmeri of emmure cause he fuckin sucks.”

Given Palmeri‘s infamous lyrical content, it’s hard not to think that their choice is ironically appropriate.

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The Atlas Moth/Frankie Palmeri Tags

The Atlas Moth/Frankie Palmeri Tags

The Atlas Moth Frankie Palmeri Tags

As an added bonus, The Atlas Moth‘s current tourmates Intronaut also got in on the fun at The Atlas Moth‘s expense:

Intronaut's Addition