Terror Sign With Victory Records, New Album Due In April


Terror have found a new home at Victory Records and will release their album “Live By The Code” through the label in North America this April. Reaper Records will handle the vinyl edition of the release. A music video for the title track is also in the works and will surface in the coming weeks.

Speaking on the signing, band vocalist Scott Vogel offered:

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“When I was in high school, I would go to ‘Home of the Hits Records’ in Buffalo, NY and every week I would check for new Victory releases. Growing up, Victory Records always had the best hardcore bands, period. They had this awesome packaging and vibe that I loved. INTEGRITY, STRIFE, BLOODLET, EARTH CRISIS -it was a fucking amazing time for hardcore. Later, I met Tony when he came to Buffalo to see SNAPCASE.

We stayed in contact and made plans for my second band DESPAIR, but soon after we broke up. Victory and my band BURIED ALIVE worked together for years. They also had HATEBREED, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, ALL OUT WAR and REACH THE SKY, all bands I’ve always respected and held in the highest regard. This summer I hung out with Tony and we had a wild night in Chicago.

We talked about the good and bad of hardcore today and just had a blast. No business talk, no nonsense. We were under contract at the time so there wasn’t even room for it. As we got ready to release Live By The Code, TERROR and Century Media debated on how to release the record right and VICTORY RECORDS seemed like the best fit. Tony and I are both insane. We both come from the same place. We both scratch and fight to stay afloat. We still believe in the essence of hardcore and still love WARZONE. This is pretty fucking exciting.”

Meanwhile, a posting on the bands Facebook was made shortly after the signing was announced; it reads:

“Every move this band has ever made has been criticized by people since the beginning. That has never stopped us or changed our minds in the past, it won’t do so now & it never will in the future. We’re so pumped to finally release LIVE BY THE CODE and travel the world in 2013 playing shows everywhere possible just as we’ve always done. Thanks to everyone that will continue to support us, thanks to those that have in the past. Terror is defined by us & those that share our love for Hardcore as we do. LIVE BY THE CODE in 2013.

We want to thank you for all you gave to us. You opened up our eyes, built us a family. Without you we are so lost. This is commitment, we’re forever yours.”

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