Corey Taylor Says Slipknot Are “Throwing Demos At Each Other”, Stone Sour Planning “House Of Gold & Bones” Full Album Tours & Films


Corey Taylor recently shared his ambitious plans for Stone Sour and also shed some light on Slipknot‘s forthcoming album in a new interview with Taylor revealed that Stone Sour‘s next single will be “Do Me A Favor“—a track taken from their as-yet unreleased opus, “House Of Gold & Bones – Part 2“.

That album, which continues the concept of the groups latest release, “House Of Gold & Bones – Part 1“, is expected to surface in May. Taylor also mentioned that he hopes for future singles to go back and forth between each of the two albums.

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Meanwhile, the group hope to embark on a tour in 2014 playing both of the above-mentioned albums in full, with Taylor stating:

“…We are plotting and planning a world tour that is very special, where we do two nights in one place. We play Part 1 top to bottom, the next night Part 2 top to bottom involving a pretty elaborate stage thing that we’re cooking up now. And once we do that, we’re gonna film everything and try to put together a very comprehensive DVD set.”

He also confirmed that in addition to a four part graphic novel built around the albums concept; that he hopes to make the story a two-part feature film. On that front he added:

“I know the people I want to cast in it. I know the people I want to produce and direct it. Hopefully I can get it done. There’s no ceiling to what we can do with it, so I’m pretty excited.”

Fans will have some time to wait for a new Slipknot album however. He said of the bands progress:

“It’s gonna be awhile yet. We’re throwing demos at each other. Once we all kind of see what the album could be, that`s when we’ll go in. I think the worst thing that we could do as a band, and we’re different from other bands, the worst thing that we could do is go right in and do something that feels forced, because the fans will see right through that, and we’ve never done that. So to me it makes more sense to kind of let the album come to us.”

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