Otep Says “Hydra” Will Be Her “Last Album”, Calls Commenters “Cowards” And “Colostomy Bags”


Otep‘s upcoming sixth studio album “Hydra” will reportedly be her last. A sell sheet prepared by her label Victory Records to help market the January 22nd release date of that record states that:

“Hydra will be the sixth and final full length studio recording of OTEP’s expansive and long-running career.”

The same sheet also includes a quote from band frontwoman Otep Shamaya which states “this will be my last album.” Despite the seeming finality of her studio output, the same sheet does mention that she plans to tour in support of the album throughout 2013 and beyond. You can find a screen cap of the sell sheet itself below.

Meanwhile, you can watch her call a “haven” for “hate speech” and label the sites commenters “cowards” and “colostomy bags” via this Twitter conversation. As previously stated, does not believe in censoring the opinions of its readers unless presented with extreme circumstances. The world can be both an ugly and beautiful place and so can the internet. That said, thanks to Norma Jean for their support in the same conversation.

Update – December 03rd 5:58pm:

She has since clarified her stance via her Twitter that her comments were directed towards for allowing negative commentary to be posted. She replied to this story as such:

“I think u really like me. But I didn’t say it. I wrote it. & I didn’t call out commenters, I called u colostomy bags 4 allowing it.”

Otep's Hydra Sell Sheet
Otep's Hydra Sell Sheet