Terror Guitarist On Hardcore Comments: “The Cold Truth Is Always Going To Upset Some People. It Is What It Is.”


Terror guitarist Martin Stewart shared some thoughts via his Twitter on the recent hardcore comments made by his bands vocalist Scott Vogel.

Some comments from him in relation to the outburst and its subesquent response include:

“The cold truth is always going to upset some people. It is what it is.”

“Hardcore for hardcore, what the fuck else?”

“It’s a phenomenon how 99% of statements, when positive, go completely ignored in the world. But my God, when that negative 1% comes out?…”

“It’s such comedy when a discussion about hardcore comes up & people start trying to talk record sales & who’s “bigger”.”

“Call you niggas Alicia Silverstone ’cause you’re god damn CLUELESS.”

“I was always under the impression that, sound aside, the basics of being a “hardcore” band was supporting & caring about hardcore?”

“If you don’t do those basics but resemble a hardcore band because you play aggressive music w/ breakdowns or something, what are you then?”

“And BEEF? What’s beef? Hahaha, Jesus. Shit is Cesar salad.”

“Caring about HC vs. not caring about HC. Since when did fictional drug usage ever play a role within that debate?”

He also engaged in a conversation with Bring Me The Horizon guitarist Jona Weinhofen regarding his allegations of the bands drug use:

“Stating an opinion on a BAND based on simple facts vs. attacking someone PERSONALLY, spreading rumors. SMH”

The pair went back and forth before thankfully taking the discussion off Twitter. Stewart then later addressed The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil‘s statement to a fan, offering:

“Cool post. Very heartfelt. That’s what HC is to HIM but it’s more than that to ME. Agree to disagree.”

The official Terror Twitter also weighed in, offering:

“Not every member of a “family” agrees on everything. We will always express our opinions in this scene that was born out of defiance.”

“Would’ve been cool if our @BWPBITCH @BrokenTeethhc @SurvivalMHC appreciation tweet could’ve been exposed & talked about by so many people.”

And finally Counterparts chimed in on the whole debacle, offering:

“Hey guys, are we hardcore or metalcore? Please answer fast because that’s what’s important. Not the music or mindset. That would be dumb.”

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