Rage Against The Machine Detail Alternate Versions Of “XX” 20th Anniversary Release


Rage Against The Machine have revealed some more editions of their upcoming “XX” release—which celebrates the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. In addition to the mammoth box set (which has been newly-discounted to $103.42 from its original price of $136.07); the group will be releasing a remastered standard 1-CD 20th Anniversary Edition and a 2-CD/1-DVD 20th Anniversary Special Edition.

The track listings for those versions can be found below:

Disc 1 – (Included in the standard 20th Anniversary Edition and 20th Anniversary Special Edition):

01 – “Bombtrack
02 – “Killing In The Name
03 – “Take The Power Back
04 – “Settle For Nothing
05 – “Bullet In The Head
06 – “Know Your Enemy
07 – “Wake Up
08 – “Fistful Of Steel
09 – “Township Rebellion
10 – “Freedom
11 – “Bombtrack” (Live, Taken From “Bombtrack” Single)
12 – “Bullet In The Head” (Live, Taken From “Bullet In The Head” Single)
13 – “Take The Power Back” (Live, Taken From “Freedom” Single)

Disc 2 – (“The Original Demos“) (20th Anniversary Special Edition and Box Set only):

01 – “Bombtrack
02 – “Take The Power Back
03 – “Bullet In The Head
04 – “Darkness Of Greed
05 – “Clear The Lane
06 – “Township Rebellion
07 – “Know Your Enemy
08 – “Mindset’s A Threat
09 – “Killing In The Name
10 – “Auto Logic
11 – “The Narrows
12 – “Freedom

The DVD portion of the (2-CD/1 DVD) 20th Anniversary Special Edition portion boasts an abridged version of content from one of the DVD’s included in the box set edition of the release.

It will feature the bands music videos for the tracks “Killing In The Name“, “Bombtrack” and “Freedom“; plus the following three live performances:

Take The Power Back” (live at Vic Theatre 1993)
Bombtrack” (soundstage performance 1992)
Wake Up” (Nomads 1992)