Case Against Former Cro-Mags Bassist Harley Flangan Reportedly Falling Apart


The case against former Cro-Mags bassist/vocalist Harley Flanagan appears to be crumbling. Stemming from the violent incident at a show this past July, Flanagan was recently in court on one count of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree and two counts of assault in the second degree are reporting that the case has been adjourned to December 05th following a lack of witness statements and testimony, among other concerns. According to the site, if the case doesn’t come together by December 08th, then Flanagan will likely be able to walk on the charges.

The aforementioned article sees Flanagan discuss the aftermath of the incident; mentioning that the leg wound he suffered during the fracas became infected and that he was hospitalized for ten days as a result upon his release from Rikers Island—a correctional facility in which he said he was treated “like a white Mike Tyson” thanks to all the publicity regarding his case.