Release Date Set For Stone Sour’s “House Of Gold And Bones: Part 1”, Corey Taylor Talks New Album


Stone Sour‘s Corey Taylor (also of Slipknot) recently chatted with about the bands new double album release, “House Of Gold And Bones“. The first half of the David Bottrill (Tool, Mudvayne) produced set will arrive in stores on October 23rd via Roadrunner Records. With the second half expected out in May.

Four comic books (two for each album) telling the concept behind the opus—which apparently centers around a man at a crossroads between leaving behind adolescence and embracing adulthood—are planned to compliment the albums release.

Speaking on that, Taylor offered:

“It’s looking like we’re gonna release the comics in, like, a four-issue miniseries. So the first two issues will be part one and then the last two issues will be part two. And we want to really try and keep it on a timeline where they come out, right around the time that Part Two comes out. It’s basically a visual representation of the short story that I wrote. I’m not sure who the artist is going to be; there are a couple of different guys I want to work with, but it’ll be fun for me.”

Meanwhile, speaking on the album itself, he stated:

“We wanted to really try and go for [a] natural vibe on this without using a ton of samples and really try to differentiate us from everybody else out there. A lot of bands fall into that pitfall of [going to] all the work of getting these great sounds and whatnot, then they hand it over to somebody who then starts filling in the blanks with all these samples. It just makes them sound like everybody else out there and we wanted to really capture a unique sound.”

In case you missed it, two full tracks from the album were made available for streaming earlier today.

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